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[Los Angeles, CA October 29, 2014] Author Flynn Falcone has released his third novel, THE PEGASUS PROJECT, a dystopian roller coaster ride of shadowy conspiracy, political intrigue, and the search for truth.

The story centers on a man, George Winston, who wakes up one morning to a life he doesn’t remember. Suddenly and inexplicably, his wife is assassinated, his daughters are kidnapped, and he’s forced on the run.

George’s involuntary plunge into the murky waters of dementia is plagued by violent headaches and strange flashbacks as he hurtles headlong into a bizarre world where friends are enemies, and enemies are friends. A harrowing flight for his life sends him careening across the United States, and wild encounters with cold-blooded assassins, corporate madmen, and hermetical mystics will test his sanity, resolve, loyalty, and love. All the while, he must find a way to save his two beautiful young daughters who are being held under lock and key. Can George get to them before it’s too late? And the strangest part of all? He just might be the one running this whole crazy nightmare.

“America and the world have many problems right now,” Falcone says of the book’s reason for being. “Too few ‘Haves’ and too many ‘Have Nots’. Poverty, conflict, division, and despair. There seems to be a sense that we’ve forgotten who we are. But our challenges are eminently surmountable. To quote John F. Kennedy, ‘Our problems are man-made, therefore they can be solved by man.’ I believe that most people at their core are good and smart and free. The book shines a light on what the issues are and suggests how we can overcome them. Of course, the narrative vehicle is intended to be a mind-bending thrillride. First rule of fiction: captivate, entertain, keep those pages turning. Once they’re hooked on a compelling story and relatable, richly-drawn characters, readers tend to be more open to receiving information of import.”

Paperback and digital editions of The Pegasus Project are available on,, Apple’s iBookstore, and all major online retailers. Mr. Falcone’s feature-rich website is also online.


Flynn Falcone hails from southern Illinois and has a degree in political science from the University of Chicago. An actor, screenwriter, and director of several short films, Flynn lives near the Pacific Ocean with his best friend, a black lab named Hunter. In his spare time, Flynn enjoys drinking craft beer, playing beach volleyball, practicing yoga and kung fu, traveling in his mind and in real life, and barbecuing with friends. The Pegasus Project is his third novel. He also wrote the thrillers First Assignment and Wake-Up Call.

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